The Thing is a new work for ages 6 to 11, a playful dance, light & sound interactive and inclusive performance installation, being developed by Robin Dingemans and 5 superb dancers from across Europe. Audience are within touching distance of the performers & able to be within the show.The work is performed in seatless black box theatre spaces, it is non narrative but bubbles humanness and is at times gently political. It is a constant liberating of what and how a person can be which cultivates an awareness of the vast potential of every person. The performers guide the audience through the work whilst simultaneously the audience - performer relationship is numerous reconfigured, including the audience being able to participate within the choreography. It offers the opportunity for children to experience and gain appreciation of experimental/original dance that is usually exclusively for adult audiences. Currently under development.



Research and Development has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England, co-commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West, Dance4 & RichMix with further support from Escalator Dance, South East Dance, Déda and The Place.


Image: Christoph bolten

The End Animal 完动物 (2012)

The End Animal 完动物 is six unique individuals set in the frame of the social, cultural and historical context that we all exist (2012).Performed by He Ying, Lee Jyuenuo, Lu Yingchu, Wang Luxi, Wong Bo and Xu Chi.


Commissioned by ArtsCross Beijing 2012, Beijing Dance Academy, ResCen Research Centre (Middlesex University), and Taipe National University of the Arts, in partnership with The Place and Step Out Arts.



This Is Not A Chinese Circus


This Is Not A Chinese Circus 這不是一個中國馬戲 is a short film under development in 2014, which brings together the people and ideas explored in The End Animal 完动物.



live, with the certain tendencies

of robin dingemans & mihaela dancs


live, with the certain tendencies of robin dingemans & mihaela dancs presented unique one off incarnations responding to ever accumulating dogmas.The principle dogma of the work was that it must be presented with no rehearsal. It is not an improvised work, it is always written and devised including light and sound design. It discards the distraction of rehearsal and focuses purely on performance and the development of ideas.


“Very Graceful” “That was f@*^%)) amazing” “The most surreal thing I have ever seen.” “I loved the car, that was incredible.” “Very intense, full of passion. Loved all the incidentals, the man appearing from the wall, the two men posing in your pose in the turbine hall, the reactions of the passerbys who saw you and us; the way we became part of the performance. Beautiful.”


Various iteration have been presented at CNBD Bucharest, Stoke Newington International Airport, Tate Modern - Globe Theatre- South Bank, Nightingale Theatre Brighton and Hong Kong International Airport.


Funded and supported by the BDE 2010 Research Project with contributing funds from Woking Dance Festival, Aerowaves, Sadlers Wells and The Place, additional support from CNDB Bucharest, Stoke Newington International Airport, and Nightingale Theatre Brighton.

Not What I Had In Mind (2009)

Image: Christoph Bolten

Not What I Had In Mind was nominated Outstanding Male Performance by the Critics Circle UK National Dance Awards. It is a multi-faceted, hour-long collage based on a series of individual, day-long studio sessions between Robin Dingemans, and 28 different people, the majority of whom had no links to dance.


“Supported by the musician Manuel Pinheiro (excellent), Dingemans is an expansive figure of unfailing honesty and anarchic grace. This open-minded, open-hearted piece is about him as an interpretive filter. It’s also about all of us. And it’s a triumph – unpredictable and risky, joyous and unexpectedly moving, and hugely enjoyable.”- Dance Europe Magazine


"His prowess in performance is a joy in itself, but it’s the humanity that he conveys which makes this so much more than a showcase of his abilities.”- Herald Scotland


Concieved and performed by Robin DingemansDramaturgy Peggy OlislaegersMusic composed and performed live byManuel PinheiroLight Design: Ben Pacey


Presented in the UK, The Netherlands, Romania, Scotland and Ireland.


Supported by: Arts Council of England, ChoreoRoam (The Place, British Council, Operaestate Venet and Dandataliers Rotterdam), Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award, Dans Atelliers Rotterdam, Dance4, Swindon Dance, Independent Dance, Greenwich Dance Agency, The Playground Studios and Siobhan Davies Studios.

Me + You = 5 (2007)

"Dingemans is a gangly wild man and Joanne Fong, his even more unbridled partner in ME + YOU = 5, a Dionysian dynamo. Together this inspired duo devised a novel show about interpersonal communications and the complexities of being alive that was by turns comic, rapturous, raw, stimulating, playful, thoughtful, excessive and, at times, peculiarly touching."-Donald Hutera, Dance Europe Magazine


“This was dance assimilating theatre, using set, props, music and live sound, text, lyrics, video, and voice to great effect, entwining physical metaphors in a multimedia collaboration which went beyond my previous experience of the potential of the medium of dance.”


Direction: Robin Dingemans



Choreographed and perfromaned by Robin Dingemans and Joanne Fong

Video: Peter Anderson

Music: Daniel Mudford

Lights: Guy Hoare


Commissioned by Moose Foundation for the Arts, The Place and Swindon Dance, with support from National Dance Company of Wale and The Jerwood Space.

Image: Christoph Bolten

Other past projects as choreographer include:


Sprint (2015) Siobhan Davies with film maker David Hinton.


How Gently Can You See A Person (2014) Performed by 2nd year students at Belletakademien, Stockholm, Sweden.


He Alone That Owns The Youth Gains The Future (2012).Performed and devised with 3rd year students of London Contemporary Dance School


Kia Kaha (2011) commissioned by Dance United, London, who work with those who are marginalised in society and whose potential is oftenunrecognised or unfulfilled.


Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow (2010) commissioned by Homemade Festival, Chisenhale Dance Space.


Thingiwhatsit (2011), commissioned by Sadlers Wells, The Place, Company of Angels and London Contemporary Dance School.


Premieres (2008) BA Circus programme, The Circus Space, London.


Terrors (2008) movement direction, direction by Ewelina Kolaczek, Baron's Court Theatre, London.


You Know (2008) One to one performance in total darkness. Part of Breathing Spaces, curation Rose Lejeune.


Working. Spacing. Plying. Timing. (2007) for architect Alex Haw's installation.


Very (2008) and Famous, For 15 Minutes (2004) commissioned by The Place Prize.


A Tangle With The Tangible (2007) and T4U (2008) for My Site | In Space Switch Theatre live art platform.


Theatre, film and installation past projects as a collaborator and performer in other artist's work includes:


Weld Company (Anna Koch, Lito Walkey, Michael Klein, Efva Lilja, Rebecka Stillman), Janina Rajakangas, les gens d'Uterpan, Fevered Sleep, DV8 Physical Theatre, Station House Opera, Theatre Rites, Raquart and Rosenberg, Neil Wissink, Robbie Synge, Roberta Jean, Yvon Bonenfant, Cantabile2, Rosemary Lee, Maresa van Stockert, Wally Cardona, Jan Pusch, Fin Walker, Lucy Guerin, Ricochet, Aletta Collins, Arthur Pita, Protein Dance, Debbie Tyso, Nir De Wolfe, Lisa Torun, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Mark Morris, Mark Baldwin, Malcolm Shields & Jane Howie, Liz Lea, Megan Adams, Black Grace Dance Company, Mary Jane O'Reilley, Douglas Wright, Eric Languet, Graeme Murphy, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet.



Above: He Alone That Owns The Youth Gains The Future

Side in clockwise direction:

Famous, For 15 Minutes Robin Dingemans (photo Christoph Bolten) Premieres Robin Dingemans (photo Mark Marreau),

Dominoes Station House Opera

Everywhere Wally Cardona (photo Chrostoph Bolten) 

It's The Skin You're Living In, David Harradine, Fevered Sleep.

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