The Assimilation Project

The Assimilation Project is a one on one performance that takes a nuanced approach to ideas that are mostly addressed crassly & reactively. It implicitly explores migration/integration, collective & individualistic societal factors. 


It adopts and imbricates the ideas of philosophies of others. Besides the perfomance itself a variety of results, traces and documentations in the form of ideas, exchange, dance, texts, video & more emerge.


Several variations of the project are have been developedt in Sweden, the UK and elsewhere. Den Assimilation Project was presented between April 2015 to March 2017 in Sweden and online in collaboration with Peter Mills.


Den Assimilation Project is supported by Konstnärsnämnden through project funding and Weld, Stockholm.





Initially developed through an AHRC MRes Practice as Research stipend at Roehampton University. 


The Assimilation Project traces of documentation

Each one on one performance results in a trace of documentation being produced, not art works in themselves but merely windows into what occurred during the performance. Each trace is created by the performers of the work, either Robin Dingemans (odd numbers) or Peter Mills (even numbers).

trace of documentation 1

trace of documentation 2

trace of documentation 3

trace of documentation 4 - randomly select a card, use the picture and words to interpret a scenario 

trace of documentation 5






trace of documentation 6 


trace of documentation 7

We said what we wanted.

She replied to me that it will happen and she knows it.

I replied that I couldn't say that it will to her but that I know it would be a great thing for the world, and that she would be great at it.

And I told her... 

....she said I would be responsible.

She asked me to be godfather to her baby!

trace of documentation 8

trace of documentation 9

trace of documentation 10

00:00 / 00:00

trace of documentation 11

talk about wanting a baby and ending her relationship to do so.


trace of documentation 12

trace of documentation 13

trace of documentation 14

The compass

Use the diagrams to create the unknown compasses. Use the compasses to draw attention to the hidden, unseen, dark, habitual, underdeveloped, blind spots of your experience.

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trace of documentation 15

The setting was so inviting and pleasant, the fact that it was made from the blood of slaves was acknowledged.

trace of documentation 16

trace of documentation 17

trace of documentation 18

trace of documentation 19

trace of documentation 20

trace of documentation 21

enjoying and celebrating the older, softer and bigger​ bum

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