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The Art That Looks Like Impossible Art


A giant log lies in the dance studio of Konstnärsnämnden, Stockholm, Sweden. It lies diagonally across the room, at either end it is impossible to pass, the audience is only able to observe it from the corner they enter from. Each end of the tree seems to have been both cut and torn from it's original location, the irregular shapes at either end creating small gaps one can partially see through to other parts of the wall and floor but no space for a human to be able to pass. A small amount of light from the park side of the studio seeps over the log, but only indirectly as the top of the log is just a few millimetres from the ceiling. How it came to be there is impossible to imagine, notes mention it was installed by a team of architects and set builders. There's no doubt it's a real tree though, the smell, texture and incredible bulk would be impossible to replicate. It's proportions are freakish, particularly because it is in Sweden, the Swedish climate does not allow for oaks to grow to such breadth. It is a freshly felled log of a giant sample that could only normally grow in hot climates, it is assumed to be some kind of genetic one off to have grown to such extreme proportions. All that observe it comment on the sense of it being as much a symbol of a vaginal passage and womb as any phallic associations. Many also comment on it's asexuality. Inside the tree is a dancer, all that have witnessed the work are struck by the extraordinary movement qualities that the oak seems to evoke in the dancer. The movement vocabulary is humble yet seems to be a reunification of humans from past millennia with our current time. The dancer seems to be at total liberty and simultaneously petrified as if stone, yet still the stoney dancer is living breathing and moving with total freedom.

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