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Not What I Had In Mind (2009)
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Not What I Had In Mind was nominated Outstanding Male Performance by the Critics Circle UK National Dance Awards. It is a multi-faceted, hour-long collage based on a series of individual, day-long studio sessions between Robin Dingemans, and 28 different people from a wide diversity of backgrounds, the majority of whom had no links to dance.


“Supported by the musician Manuel Pinheiro (excellent), Dingemans is an expansive figure of unfailing honesty and anarchic grace. This open-minded, open-hearted piece is about him as an interpretive filter. It’s also about all of us. And it’s a triumph – unpredictable and risky, joyous and unexpectedly moving, and hugely enjoyable.”- Dance Europe


"His prowess in performance is a joy in itself, but it’s the humanity that he conveys which makes this so much more than a showcase of his abilities.”- Herald Scotland


Conceived and performed by Robin Dingemans

Dramaturgy Peggy Olislaegers

Music composed and performed live by Manuel Pinheiro

Light Design: Ben Pacey

Image: Christoph Bolten

Presented in the UK, The Netherlands, Romania, Scotland and Ireland.      


Supported by: Arts Council of England, ChoreoRoam (The Place, British Council, Operaestate Venet and Dandataliers Rotterdam), Bonnie Bird New Choreography Award, Dans Atelliers Rotterdam, Dance4, Swindon Dance, Independent Dance, Greenwich Dance Agency, The Playground Studios and Siobhan Davies Studios.

Not What I Had In Mind Log

The performance aspect of this project is a presentation of images, ideas and moments that matter to 28 people. Individually they were invited into the studio to work one on one with the performer for a day each, using him as a tool to express themselves. An entertaining and intriguing exploration of the body, communication, and dance.

Here you will find information about the process that was used to work with the 28 contributors. A series of questions and tasks were the basis of each day, designed to take the contributor to a atate of creative flow. Although this process was used with each person, they were also given opportunity to explore whatever they desired.

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