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Join these three female fooling geniuses that research and expand the possibilities of all science, dance, music and living. An engaging and surreal rock, pop, avant garde, classical, and much more, trio of laboratory - dancing - singing - jamming workers and pioneers. 


Embracing chaos as a wonderful, positive, enjoyable and enabling thing, claiming it back from the demagogues and dictators as a force for good.


The audience are gradually drawn closer into the production until they are also creating the music and dancing with the performers. Featuring instruments and music making gadgets especially devised for the show. 


For ages 6 to 12 years. 


Concept & directioni: Robin Dingemans
Devised & performed: Li Molnar Kronlid, Elisa Gallo Rosso & Dor Frenkel
Composer: Manuel Pinheiro
Scenography & costume: Josefin Hinders
Light design: Ronald Salas

Dramaturgy & consultancy: Ola Saleh

Producer: Elin Samuelsson


Commissioned by Rum för Dans, Halland and Weld, Stockholm. Support by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County and Stockholm City.


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