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Robin Dingemans is auditioning for The Fundamentalist in February 2018

Seeking experienced female physical performers that can clown, dance and are interested and experienced in collaborative devising processes. Not essential but an asset if able to play an instrument and/or Swedish or Arabic speaking. Working periods Spring 2018 and from 6 August to 8 September with further touring in late 2018 and throughout 2019.

Please send a cv, cover letter to:

robin ( at )

Please specify any work commitments you already have for 2018.

Auditions by invitation in Stockholm in February. 

The Fundamnetalists will be an extremist clowning, dance, rock, pop avant garde band/company for 3 female performers and audiences aged 6 and up. Supported by Weld, Stockholm, Rum för Dans Halland, Stockholm Stad and Kultrrådet.

Salary is based on 28,000sek per month inclusive of holiday pay.

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