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Other past projects as choreographer include:


How Violently Can You Be A Person - The Joy Decision 

(2015/16) Performed by 2nd year students at Belletakademien, Stockholm, Sweden.

Sprint (2015) Siobhan Davies with film maker David Hinton.

How Gently Can You See A Person (2014) Performed by 2nd year students at Belletakademien, Stockholm, Sweden.


The End Animal 完动物 (2012) is six unique individuals set in the frame of the social, cultural and historical context that we all exist. Performed by He Ying, Lee Jyuenuo, Lu Yingchu, Wang Luxi, Wong Bo and Xu Chi. Commissioned by ArtsCross beijing 2012, Beijing Dance Academy, ResCen (Middlesex University), and Taipei National University of the Arts.


He Alone That Owns The Youth Gains The Future (2012).Performed and devised with 3rd year students of London Contemporary Dance School


Kia Kaha (2011) commissioned by Dance United, London, who work with those who are marginalised in society and whose potential is oftenunrecognised or unfulfilled.


Ain't no rules, ain't no vow, we can do it anyhow (2010) commissioned by Homemade Festival, Chisenhale Dance Space.


Thingiwhatsit (2011), commissioned by Sadlers Wells, The Place, Company of Angels and London Contemporary Dance School.


Premieres (2008) BA Circus programme, The Circus Space, London.


Terrors (2008) movement direction, direction by Ewelina Kolaczek, Baron's Court Theatre, London.


You Know (2008) One to one performance in total darkness. Part of Breathing Spaces, curation Rose Lejeune.


Working. Spacing. Plying. Timing. (2007) for architect Alex Haw's installation.


Very (2008) and Famous, For 15 Minutes (2004) commissioned by The Place Prize.


A Tangle With The Tangible (2007) and T4U (2008) for My Site | In Space Switch Theatre live art platform.


Theatre, film and installation past projects as a collaborator and performer in other artist's work includes:


Weld Company (Anna Koch, Lito Walkey, Michael Klein, Efva Lilja, Rebecka Stillman), Janina Rajakangas, les gens d'Uterpan, Fevered Sleep, DV8 Physical Theatre, Station House Opera, Theatre Rites, Raquart and Rosenberg, Neil Wissink, Robbie Synge, Roberta Jean, Yvon Bonenfant, Cantabile2, Rosemary Lee, Maresa van Stockert, Wally Cardona, Jan Pusch, Fin Walker, Lucy Guerin, Ricochet, Aletta Collins, Arthur Pita, Protein Dance, Debbie Tyso, Nir De Wolfe, Lisa Torun, Siobhan Davies Dance Company, Mark Morris, Mark Baldwin, Malcolm Shields & Jane Howie, Liz Lea, Megan Adams, Black Grace Dance Company, Mary Jane O'Reilley, Douglas Wright, Eric Languet, Graeme Murphy, and the Royal New Zealand Ballet.



Top: The End Animal 完动物

Second: He Alone That Owns The Youth Gains The Future

Side in clockwise direction:

Famous, For 15 Minutes Robin Dingemans (photo Christoph Bolten) Premieres Robin Dingemans (photo Mark Marreau),

Dominoes Station House Opera

Everywhere Wally Cardona (photo Chrostoph Bolten) 

It's The Skin You're Living In, David Harradine, Fevered Sleep.

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